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Weight Loss Tips For Teens

Being a teen and being overweight can be a living hell in a society that already is not accepting of obesity, in high school your peers are even harsher. Your extra weight can make you feel like an outsider, un-attractive, and just not happy in your own skin. Trying to lose weight on your own can not only be confusing but dangerous as well, so here are a few tips I put together to help you on your quest of getting in shape and getting healthier.

1. Stop right there and check with your Doctor-You really want to lose weight, check with your doctor- Your doctor will know best, and still being a minor I strongly urge you to meet with your doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. Not only can your doctor suggest how much weight you should lose, they can also refer you to a nutritionist, who can help you set up your own personalized diet. And, depending on your health care plan, you can get reimbursed for joining a group such as Weight Watchers, and even for a gym membership.

But if for whatever reason you cannot or do not want to contact your doctor, here is how to go about losing weight on your own.

-First, check your BMI (Body Mass Index)- I use nhlbisupport.com/bmi. It is really easy, you simply just plug your height and weight into the machine, and you have your BMI. A healthy BMI is anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9. If you are in (or below) the healthy range, I would not suggest losing weight-especially since you are still growing. If you are feeling out of shape try joining an after school sport, and trying not to eat junk food. Not only will eating healthy and exercising make you feel better, it will give you a mood boost.

Side Note: if you are in a healthy weight range and still feel like you are overweight, try confiding in a counselor or another adult you trust. Being obsessed with your weight can very easily turn into a dangerous eating disorder.

Healthy Eating Tips For All!

-Cut out the soda and other sugary drinks, as Americans we consume an average of 1/3 of our daily calories in beverages alone! To lose one pound you need a deficit of 3,500 calories. Just by changing calorie and sugar packed drinks for good ol’ water you can lose a pound a week easily!

-While we are on the topic of water, try drinking it iced cold, and MORE than eight 8-oz glasses a day. When you drink ICED cold water, your body needs to warm it up to body temperature to digest it. By doing this, your body is burning calories, and not consuming any since water has no caloric content. Pretty cool, huh?

Most people can lose at least ten pounds just by doing this.

-Try eating 5-6 mini-meals a day- if you are constantly eating, and you never get overly hungry, you will be less likely to crave and indulge in junk food. Try to always keep an apple, a yogurt, or a bag of trail mix with you for when you get hungry.

-Eat from ALL the food groups- ideally, your plate should be ½ vegetables, ¼ carbohydrates, and ¼ protein. Also, try to eat foods high in fiber, they make you feel fuller. Try having oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich on multi-grain bread for lunch, and rice & beans for dinner. You will feel so satisfied by these foods you will end up eating less without even trying!

-Get up, and Go- Exercise is key to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. And, exercise does NOT have to be running. Try walking places with your friends instead of having your parents drive you. Take a kickboxing class, or a salsa class. And if you want to learn exercises on your own time, try getting a Pilates tape, or a book that will teach you resistance training. Most importantly, if you are exercising at a high intensity, three times a week is all you really need. But, make a point to be moderately active every day.

Good luck to all, don’t be frustrated, because it really can be easy to get in shape!

4 Fitness Tips For Improving Your Health

A body building program is usually very difficult to structure and at times people structure some which either are too much above what they can do or too lenient to produce any results. This is why this guideline will act to the advantage of a body builder who is serious and willing to be successful.

Tip 1: Consider a trainer. This is one key issue which many people have been ignoring for a very long time. But it is necessary to have a specialist who knows well about the different programs and how they can suit you. From such kind of experience, they can be able to provide guidelines to an individual body builder, putting some professionalism into the program and therefore increasing the chances of success and reducing possible injury occurrences. A trainer in general will give advice on diet, sets, repetitions, recovery and many others critical issues concerning body building.

Tip 2: Enroll in a gym. This has been an issue of contention but still remains as one of the most relevant steps. Working out at home is very challenging affair since there are a lot of disruptions. Especially for parents, it becomes very hard to train at home because of the marital responsibilities. The family always needs you and there are always some upcoming issues when one is around. This is why you cannot spend some few minutes of your time without being asked to intervene or provide something. Therefore, working out in a gym is much favorable. It helps one to be in a more friendly environment where the goal of every person is to exercise and there can be very few or no disruptions at all.

Tip 3: Be confident. The reason why many people fail in body building, it is all because of not trusting their instincts. They tend to be influenced by other much more that they decide on themselves. This makes them failures because of doing what may not be fit for them. Being confident in what you do is very necessary, in the process of body building, you will meet many people having different opinions may be on what you can do to gain muscles effectively but this should be taken literally as just their opinion. When one tells you to try a different workout, never fall to such blunders, the way you phrase your program is well enough to be your success and by changing it you make things even harder for you. This is why you will find yourself with multiple injuries and develop weaknesses as a result of bad and strict and bad programs.

Tip 4: Respect recovery. This is another area where most people fail because of not adhering to it. The moment you have done exercises and in the process injured yourself, there is no need to push your body further. This is because excessive workouts make the injury worse. Some people have a misconception that rest makes someone lazy but it would be rather good you recover first than end up risking even your own life.

Low Cost Health Insurance – Tips For Getting Cheap Health Cover at the Right Price

There are so many players in the health care insurance industry that you do not know where to start to look for low cost health insurance. You really do have to worry about spending so much on health care that you don’t really need. You can find the appropriate health policies that suit your needs and potential needs in the future without making you pay huge amounts.

You can get one according to your budget. All you need to do is to learn how to compare each one to make sure that the coverage is something that you need or something you might need in the future for only a fraction of the cost of others who tend to make a lot of money out of you.

Getting a really good health care insurance quote from the internet is probably the best advice that you can get from anyone who knows how to get the best insurance there is in the market. You will not only save money on searching for the right one that suits your needs but you will also save precious time since you won’t have to travel just to get different quotes.

With an online quote you will be able to compare each one and you can also come up with a shortlist of all the low cost health insurance plans to choose from in minutes.

Almost all the health care companies have their own official websites where you can check for the information that you need in deciding which health policy to get since most of their products and services are listed there. If you are not satisfied with all the information regarding the plans and services that the companies have posted on their official website you can also look for full reviews regarding their health care services to give you a better view and understanding of how a certain plan or service would normally work.

Finally, I would personally choose to have a company with a website that compares different plans and service so that you can have a better understanding of the services that they are offering. It would be best to clearly understand what you are getting yourself into even before you sign up for low cost health insurance with any company. Just follow these instructions and I assure you that you will be getting what you need without having to spend a fortune.